Lottomatica puts innovative Quickspin promo tools to good use

The online casino industry is so competitive these days that not even the major operators can afford to take lottomaticait easy and dwell on their success.

New companies are moving in and they’ve got both the resources and the know-how to challenge the establishment.

Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you simply sit there and this is a lesson that Lottomatica doesn’t need to learn the hard way.

The online casino is already paying attention to slot machine specialists who come up with flexible promotional tools and is willing to sign new partnerships. Since they have so many customers residing in Scandinavian countries, it was only natural for them to sign an agreement with Quickspin. This is a casino developer from Sweden, which came up with an intriguing concept that is supposed to help online casinos identify loyal customers.

By providing them with the necessary tools to differentiate between members, they make it easier for casinos to handout the correct rewards. Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges for all gambling operators, including those that can brag about generous welcome bonuses. Lottomatica has some great introductory packages to those who sign up for real money account, but they pay just as much attention to existing members.


Keeping their clients happy, therefore uninterested in looking for gambling alternatives as well is a priority for Lottomatica. The agreement with this new supplier is going to simplify their mission why their players will benefit from better rewards than ever before. For instance, players will receive free rounds of play and multiple betting options, based on the stakes you’re comfortable with.
One of the challenges for online casinos is to maintain a similar if not identical marketing message across the entire customer base.

What they tried to achieve is to meet the needs of all players, without discriminating between new customers and veterans. Obviously, the letter are entitled to expect better rewards because their commitment in titles them to such payouts. This is exactly what the free rounds are supposed to achieve and also improve customer retention in the process.

Lottomatica players are going to enjoy the free spins on the house, so the proverbial house edge will also be mitigated. In the beginning, only a couple of games will qualify for these freebies, so the recipient will have to accept the fact that not all the slot machines will be eligible.

This is nothing more than a nuisance, since the games on the list also happen to be the most popular ones and they are chosen after carefully monitoring the trends.
The CEO of Quickspin is confident that Lottomatica and if players are going to appreciate the perks of using these new tools. It is very likely that if this partnership delivered the expected results, other online casinos will follow this example and sign an agreement.